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The Township is served by a Fire Marshal, two (2) Deputy Fire Marshals and two (2) Volunteer Fire Departments located on Powell Street and Railroad Street.

Fire Marshall, N Leonard Hill
412-824-6650 x13

Both departments are always looking for volunteers to join them in a variety of tasks. Please stop by and inquire how you can become a volunteer of one of these two departments!

#1 VFC
835 Railroad Street
Jason Davis
Deputy Fire Marshal
Ryan Flaherty

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#3 VFC
109 Powell Street
Chad Hoover
Deputy Fire Marshal
Ed Bruener

Fire Protection in Wilkins Township is provided by two strategically located fire stations that are pictured above. This is an all volunteer fire service. The members and personnel who respond to Township’s emergencies are not compensated for their time and effort. In addition, while Wilkins Township does make a yearly contribution to each of the fire companies, our volunteer fire companies still rely upon the annual fund drive, which is mailed to all residences and businesses each year, as well as depending upon raffles, dinners and other events to financially maintain the fire stations and responding equipment.

The fire department in Wilkins Township is staffed entirely by (unpaid) VOLUNTEERS. The number of volunteer fire fighters across the state of Pennsylvania is declining. Once at a high of over 300,000 volunteers statewide, it is estimated by state officials that the number may now be less than 50,000 volunteer firefighters in the state. Wilkins Township volunteer fire companies are seeking additional members to fill our ranks and to answer alarms for fires in our homes. Our volunteer fire companies also depend heavily upon the donations from residences and businesses to fund this emergency response service.


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