Animal Control

Dogs: Wilkins Township contracts with Hoffman Kennels for stray dog collection and disposition.  If you notice a stray dog in the neighborhood, please call the Police Department at the non-emergency number 412-824-0032, or contact Hoffman Kennels at 724-486-5505.

Wild Animals: Have a groundhog in your garden or a raccoon in your garbage? The Police department can loan you a trap at no charge for up to two weeks. Traps are limited and are loaned on a first come, first served basis. For more information, please call the Police Department at the non-emergency number 412-824-0032.

Wild Animals: If you find an injured, rabid or dead animal on your property please call the Pennsylvania Game Commission - Southwest Region at 724-238-9523 or 724-238-9524 or email them at

Pennsylvania Game Commission Website

Please click on this link for information about skunks.

Feral Cats: Lost or abandoned pet cats which are not spayed or neutered produce litters of kittens, that left unattended, become feral cats.  Feral cats are unused to human contact, typically live in colonies with other feral cats and tend to be territorial; seeking out areas that provide food and shelter, such as dumpsters and porches.  Many feral cats do not live long lives due to the instability of their environments.  However, those that do live, tend to become neighborhood nuisances, especially during mating season.

Wilkins Township does not have a policy or program for eliminating feral cat colonies.  However, residents are encouraged to contact one of a number of groups, such as the Humane Society, Fund for Ferals or the Animal Rescue League.  Typical services provided by these organizations include "trap, neuter and release" (TNR) programs and euthanasia.  For additional information on feral cats and the various programs available, please visit the Humane Society of the United States website on the subject: or Humane Animal Rescue