Tax Collector

Wilkins Township Real Estate Tax:
For copies of Wilkins Township real estate tax records, current tax bills or general information regarding real estate taxes, please contact: Michelle Criner at 412-824-6860 or

Click here to make an online payment for your Wilkins Township real estate taxes.

Woodland Hills Real Estate Tax:
Michelle Criner can also answer questions concerning Woodland Hills Real Estate Tax bills for property located within Wilkins Township.

Allegheny County Real Estate Tax:
For questions concerning Allegheny County Taxes, please contact the Allegheny County Real Estate Office: 412-350-4600 or via email:

Wilkins Township Millage Rate - 5.674  
Woodland Hills School District Millage Rate-26.50

Keystone Collections Group serves as the Earned Income Tax, Local Services Tax and Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax Collector for Wilkins Township.  

Earned Income Tax / Wage Tax (Current & Delinquent):
For copies of Earned Income Tax/Wage Tax forms, please contact Keystone Collections Group: 724-978-0300 or visit their website  You can pay online at or if you prefer to pay by mail, refer to Keystone's mailing addresses.

PSD CODE: 721012
Local Earned Income Tax Withholding Form

Local Services Tax (Current & Delinquent):
Local Services Tax (LST) is imposed where the employee works, regardless of where the employee lives. The tax is assessed during each payroll period and is withheld proportionately for the number of payroll periods within the calendar year. If you have any questions regarding LST Tax please call 412-978-0328.
Business payments can be remitted online at
Individuals remitting LST should access the Local Services Tax Form

Business Privilege Tax/Mercantile Tax (Current & Delinquent):

Business privilege and mercantile taxes are levied by the municipality and/or school district in which a business is located and are either flat rate or more typically based on the gross receipts of such a business.

The tax may be imposed on each dollar of gross annual receipts for a business within the taxing district, whether for gain or profit including financial businesses, professions, vocations, services, construction, or other commercial activities.  If you have any questions regarding Business Privilege Tax please call 412-978-0300.

Access Keystone Collections Group Business Privilege Forms and search for our area to locate the required form and due dates.

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