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SUMMER event series june 25th!!

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The cost of the street light bill?
$73,715 per year
The cost of the trash per household?
$150.24 per household for 2014
The cost of recycling per household?
$28.80 per household for 2014
Alcosan is raising the fee they charge municipalities
17% in 2014, 11% in 2015, 11% in 2016, and 11% in 2017

Facts You Should Know About Wilkins Township
Area of Wilkins: 2.75 sq. miles
Miles of Streets: 26 road miles
2010 Population: 6,565
Assessed Valuation (4/26/2013): $435,043,900
Township Tax Rate: 5.674 Mills
Woodland Hills School District Tax Rate: 22.40 Mills
County Tax Rate: 4.73 Mills

Alcosan 2016
summer programs

Wilkins 5k run/1.5 K walk

2016 farmer's market

electronic recycling update

Stormwater Activity
Book for Kids

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Wilkins Township eCODe

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Board of Commissioners
Notice of Meeting Date Change:
TAKE NOTICE that the date of the regular meeting of the Wilkins Township Board of Commissioners
has been changed. The meeting will be held on June 20, 2016 beginning at 7:00 PM at the
Irene J. Pohl Municipal Building, 110 Peffer Road, Turtle Creek, PA 15145.

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